At MedStar Harbor, our Behavioral Health team provides comprehensive and compassionate care to our patients and their loved ones. We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing thorough and accurate medical evaluation treatment. Our experts collaborate with patients and their loved ones to develop individualized treatment plans and recommendations that are tailored to the needs and lifestyle of the patient.

Our team of experts includes psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, social workers, clinical counselors, therapists, and support staff provide. Our specialists will review and assess a patient’s needs shortly after their admission and will begin developing a plan for treatment.

Our treatment approaches include psychiatric and medical evaluation, psychiatric consultations, psychotherapy and counseling, and recovery-oriented educational activities.

Outpatient Care

For many people, treatment in an outpatient setting can be beneficial. Our licensed therapists and physicians are trained to provide counseling, individualize therapy and medication education. Depending on a person's symptoms, therapy and/or medication may be an effective way to manage your symptoms.

Learn more about Outpatient Care at MedStar Harbor.

Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Programs

The Partial Hospitalization and the Intensive Outpatient programs are intended to reduce psychiatric symptoms and prevent an inpatient hospital stay. This structured environment includes diagnostic and medical evaluation, group psychotherapy, multidisciplinary group modalities, and, if necessary, medication therapy.

Learn more about the Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient programs at MedStar Harbor.

Inpatient Care

In some cases, inpatient care may be necessary. Our facility is focused on patient-tailored recovery and reintegration into the community. Our structured environment includes individual and group therapies, group activities, and medication management and education

Learn more about Inpatient Care at MedStar Harbor.

Meet Our Therapists

Our team of specialists is committed to a multidisciplinary approach to behavioral health care. We work to address all patient needs, including counseling, medication management, medical assistance, and housing and food insecurities. We also work closely with family members, as appropriate. Treatment plans are tailored to meet the needs of each individual patient, and may include psychological education, symptom management, supportive group therapy, expressive therapy, and medication education.

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Our Services

John F Irwin, MD, pediatrician at MedStar Harbor Hospital

Whether you're expecting your first child or are a parenting pro, there's so much to do to ensure your child gets all the care and attention he or she needs, from infancy through adolescence. MedStar Harbor Hospital is here to help. 

Services Provided by MedStar Harbor Pediatrics

The team at MedStar Harbor Pediatrics is committed to providing compassionate, expert care at each stage of your child's life. From preventive care including well-child visits, vaccinations, and growth and development assessment; to treatment for acute illnesses and injuries. Our services include: 

Our goal is to create strong relationships in an atmosphere of comfort, confidence, and convenience for you and your family’s health needs.

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Our Services

Gynecology Services

At MedStar Harbor Women's Care, our gynecologists coordinate care with your primary care provider to make sure you receive the best care over the long term. Our gynecology services include all aspects of routine gynecologic care, with a focus on wellness and prevention.

Our specialists diagnose and treat such conditions as:

  • Abnormal uterine bleeding
  • Pelvic pain
  • Premenstrual syndrome
  • Endometriosis
  • Uterine growths and ovarian cysts
  • Urinary disorders

Our gynecology services include:

Obstetrics Services

MedStar Harbor Women's Care offers a complete list of maternity services, including pregnancy care, delivery, and postpartum care for expectant families. Our maternity services include specialists who treat and manage normal pregnancies, high-risk pregnancies, and a broad range of obstetrical conditions.

Our experienced obstetrics Women's Care team prides itself on providing comprehensive, family-centered care. Learn more about our services:

Prevention and Wellness

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Women’s Health Specialists

Our top-notch team of professionals understand the special needs of women at every stage of life and are experienced in managing all aspects of a woman’s care. 

Meet the Philanthropy Team

Our philanthropy staff is available to answer your questions, provide further information or arrange a meeting to discuss how you can support MedStar Harbor Hospital.

Feel free to call or email us with any questions or comments!

Contact the Philanthropy Team via email at [email protected].

Dina Mallis Klicos
Vice President, Philanthropy


Naisha VinsonNaisha Vinson
Director of Philanthropy



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Office of Philanthropy
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Rehabilitation Services


Our Rehabilitation Services team is here for you to help improve your quality of life through physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology services. Whether you are receiving acute rehabilitation care or our outpatient rehabilitation therapy services, our goal is to provide comprehensive, quality services so you may gain independence and function at your fullest potential.

Acute Rehabilitation Services

For patients in the hospital, acute hospital rehabilitation services, which include physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology, may be ordered by your doctor when you are having problems with standing, walking, weakness in your arms or legs, handling personal hygiene, swallowing, or communicating. 

Rehabilitation therapists will recommend if you will need continued therapy when you are discharged from the hospital. 

Outpatient Rehabilitation Services

MedStar Harbor Hospital’s Rehabilitation Services team provides comprehensive and integrated outpatient rehabilitation services for individuals that may need one or more therapy services. Our team provides care for adolescents, adults, and geriatric patients who have a wide range of conditions including orthopaedic problems, stroke and other neurological conditions, cancer, pulmonary issues, and more.    

Outpatient rehabilitation therapy services include:

Physical Therapy

  • Mobility, strengthening, endurance training, and pain management
  • Gait analysis assessment with a specialized computer program
  • Lymphedema program
  • Wound care
  • Manual therapy
  • Balance training
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation

Occupational Therapy

  • Functional mobility as it relates to daily activities, such as dressing and personal hygiene
  • Home management skills, as well as community living 
  • Upper arm and hand function and strength, including splinting
  • Training for safe use of assistive devices for daily activities
  • Visual perceptual, spatial, and memory therapy
  • Work related skills therapy

Speech Therapy

  • Swallowing function
    • May also include an assessment from the Radiology Department
  • Communication skills, including speech clarity, language comprehension, and voice quality
    • If someone cannot communicate, services may also include training for use of alternative communication devices 
  • Cognitive-communication services, including help with memory, orientation, and thinking skills
  • Fluency therapy, for those who feel their stuttering interferes with their daily life interactions
  • Aural rehabilitation therapy, for patient with hearing loss that impacts their communication skills

Additional Information

  • Referral process: We accept referrals for outpatient services from physicians, social workers, discharge planners, health care organizations, nurse liaisons, and vocational counselors. Patients also may make arrangements for services with a prescription from their primary care provider.
  • Coordination with physicians: All patients receiving evaluation and treatment must have a physician's prescription. We work in close coordination with the referring physicians to ensure the highest quality of care.

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Related Services

Community Health at MedStar Harbor Hospital

At MedStar Harbor Hospital, we recognize that health plays an important role in building and sustaining vibrant and strong communities.

Based on our community health needs assessment conducted at MedStar Harbor, we have developed programs and services that address these priority areas.

Our work involves addressing chronic disease prevention and management for heart disease/stroke, cancer, diabetes, and obesity. We offer evidence-based courses that focus in on helping you manage chronic diseases such as hypertension, pain, diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis. You can also find opportunities to participate in smoking cessation classes.

For behavioral health, we are partnering with the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) to deliver information on mental health conditions and resources available within our community. To curb deaths from opioid overdose, we are joining efforts with the Baltimore City Health Department in the quest to train as many people as possible to administer naloxone, a life-saving medication that rapidly reverses opioid overdose.

We also know that health is a complex interplay between multiple variables of physical, social and economic factors. We are proud to work with a number of community-based organizations to alleviate barriers to improving health status including addressing lack of access to healthy food, transportation, and job opportunities.

These initiatives collectively allow us to focus in on population health - the improvement of health outcomes for the residents and surrounding areas that we serve.

Community Health Needs Assessment

Our 2018 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) and three-year implementation strategy identify our hospital's community benefit service area, the most important health priorities, and activities with measurable outcomes. The CHNA uses a community-driven approach that supports the hospital in planning and carrying out community-based programming to more effectively handle the health needs of underserved and vulnerable populations.

To learn more about our previous initiatives, read our 2015 Community Health Health Needs Assessment Report.

Report to the Community

Read our comprehensive report to learn about the impact our classes, events, and programs are making in the Baltimore Community.

Learn more by reading our previous reports below:

Your Guide for Good Health

Screening and Prevention


Getting onto a regular schedule of cancer screenings can be lifesaving.

MedStar Harbor Hospital recognizes the importance of early detection and has programs available for those who may not be able to afford these screenings on their own.

Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program

The Baltimore City Breast and Cervical Cancer Program (BCCP) has been going strong since 2002. Since its inception, the BCCP has provided thousands of breast exams, mammograms and Pap tests to women in need.

The program provides free mammograms, breast exams and Pap tests screenings for women who are:

  • Age 40 and older
  • Baltimore City/County Residents
  • Uninsured or underinsured
  • Live on a limited income

If you or a loved one has not had screenings for breast or cervical cancer, please call us today at 410-350-2066.

Colon Cancer Screening Program

Did you know that colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in Maryland? Your chance of developing colon cancer is about one in 19.

Protect yourself against colon cancer with a free screening through the Baltimore City Health Department Screening Program at MedStar Harbor Hospital. The program provides free colon cancer screening by colonoscopy for Baltimore City and Anne Arundel County residents ages 50 and older who are uninsured or underinsured and have limited income.

For more information about eligibility or to take advantage of the program, please call 410-350-8216.



The Red Devils

The BCCP partners with The Red Devils, an organization that funds services to improve quality of life for breast cancer patients and their families. The emotional and physical impact of this disease may make some of the things we take for granted almost impossible such as house cleaning, getting to physician appointments and preparing family meals.

Amiga's Project

The BCCP sponsors in the Amiga's Project, a program that focuses on the unique needs of latinas receiving screening. At the appointment, onsite translation and campus escort services are provided by a team of bilingual staff to help them navigate the scheduling and the completion of their breast cancer screening, with services provided in a language sensitive, and culturally sensitive manner.

MammoJam Music Festival

The BCCP works closely with MammoJam Music Festival, a non-profit organization that uses live music performances and artistic showcases to promote the importance of early breast cancer diagnosis and treatment and to ensure access to these vital resources for underinsured and homeless women in the Baltimore area.

MammoJam recently awarded a gift of $10,000 to the MedStar Harbor Hospital Foundation, used to fund the position of a Bilingual Outreach Worker for the BCCP to identify Spanish-speaking women for breast and cervical cancer screening and to guide them through the screening process.

Importance of Early Detection for Breast Cancer - MedStar Health Cancer Network

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MedStar Harbor Hospital
The Cancer Center
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Cancer Care Specialists



The gastroenterology specialists at MedStar Harbor Hospital are committed to providing timely and expert diagnosis, the latest treatments, and the most compassionate care…all focused on you.

Gastroenterologic Conditions Treated

Location Information

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Gastroenterology Specialists



Neonatal Care Unit

Learn more about the Neonatal Care Unit at MedStar Harbor Hospital.
The goal of MedStar Harbor Hospital and the Neonatal Care Unit staff is to help you and your baby be a family while your baby is in our care. This time can be stressful for families, and you will have many questions. We encourage you to participate in your baby's care and be an active member of our team. We want you to feel comfortable and able to ask us anything regarding your baby.


You and your baby will wear identification bracelets from the time the baby is born until the baby is discharged. It is essential that these bracelets remain on you and the baby. Please do not remove them.

Each family is permitted to have three visitors at the bedside. This number includes the parents. Visitors must be at least 16 years of age. ALL visitors must be free of colds, diarrhea, nausea, cough, eye infection or any other symptoms that might affect your baby.

The baby's brothers and sisters are welcome to come to the nursery for short visits. They also must be free of illness.

There are three exceptions to our visiting policy due to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations. These regulations protect you and your baby's privacy. You may not visit during emergency procedures or situations, during nursing rounds from 6:50 to 7:20 a.m. and from 6:50 to 7:20 p.m., or during physician rounds at 8 a.m. daily. As parents, you may visit your baby any other time.


We encourage you to be here for your baby's care and feedings. The schedule may change day-to-day to accommodate your baby's needs. It is a good idea to call before you visit. This way, you will know if your baby's schedule has been changed.

If you are planning to come for care and feedings, you should arrive ten to 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time. This allows you time to scrub and visit your baby while he or she is most alert. If your baby is not yet able to eat, you can still change diapers, make him/her comfortable and spend time with your baby. If you are going to be late or cannot be here, please notify us as soon as possible, so we can feed your baby.

Babies in the Neonatal Care Unit need to sleep. If you come between cares or feedings, we will let your baby continue to sleep, UNDISTURBED. This is their growing and healing time.

Phone Calls

We appreciate your calls to check on your baby. Due to hospital and HIPAA guidelines, we only can give information to you, the baby's parents. Please advise family members and friends that we cannot give them any information about your baby. You may not use your cell phone in the Neonatal Care Unit. Please turn your ringer to silent. An uninterrupted visit greatly benefits your baby. You can answer your phone in our waiting room or use our courtesy phone, which is located in our waiting room.

Parent Rooms

The Neonatal Care Unit has two parent rooms. These rooms are equipped with a sofa bed and are intended for short-term use. There is also one family bathroom with a shower. Mothers who come to visit may use the room to rest between your infants' care times. We are a baby friendly hospital and strive to accommodate breastfeeding moms in these rooms. 

A mother may stay if she is breastfeeding her infant; or a mother may stay one to two days prior to her baby's discharge. We encourage mothers to stay one to two days prior to discharge so that you may assume most of the care for your baby. This will allow you to have support available for questions. Our staff will make every effort to answer your questions and help you through these difficult times. Your baby's health is our major focus.

Kangaroo Care at MedStar Harbor Hospital

At MedStar Harbor Hospital, we want to help you care for your baby in a way that is safe, natural, and promotes rest, growth, and healing even while he/she is in the Neonatal Care Unit. Kangaroo care is a technique that allows you to hold your baby, skin on skin, under the supervision of specially trained medical, nursing, and developmental care staff. For babies in intensive care, this provides the contact they need at the various stages of development.

Kangaroo care is appropriate after your baby has completed early intensive care, though he/she may still require oxygen, a ventilator, or may have apnea and bradycardia. When you come to the nursery, we encourage you to look for physical signs of readiness from your baby before you visit with him/her. Staff will be on hand to help you with behavioral cues and assessing your baby’s tolerance. They will cluster care sessions to provide you with a minimum of one hour Kangaroo care.

More Information

To reach the Neonatal Care Unit, please call


Neonatal Care Unit Specalist


Laurel Yap, MD is double-board certified in pediatrics and neonatal/perinatal medicine. He's been providing care at MedStar Harbor for more than 20 years.

Laurel (Larry) Gayon Yap, MD

When a baby is born prematurely or full-term with special medical needs, he or she requires an extra level of medical attention. That’s where the expertise and caring hands of Laurel “Larry” Yap, M.D., comes in.

Double-board certified in pediatrics and neonatal/perinatal medicine — care in the month after and five months before birth, respectively — the Philippines native has provided the tender touch sick and premature infants need at Harbor Hospital for more than two decades.

Read more: Why You're in Excellent Hands with Dr. Yap.