David Ghadisha, MD, OB hospitalist and chairman of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at MedStar Harbor, holds a newborn.

At MedStar Harbor Hospital, we offer complete pregnancy care, delivery, and postpartum care for expectant families. For generations, families have been delivering healthy babies at our hospitals, and we are proud of our tradition of providing excellent care at such an important time.

Specialists at MedStar Harbor treat and manage normal pregnancies, high-risk pregnancies, and a broad range of obstetrical conditions.

We support expectant parents' needs by offering a wide range of classes designed to help families prepare for the baby's arrival. Our programs are designed with every family member in mind.

Check out the resources we have made available to you while you wait for your new arrival:

Learn about a woman's pregnancy journey. 


Obstetrics Women's Care

The Obstetrics Women's Care specialists at MedStar Harbor Hospital provide expectant mothers with care that is sensitive to their needs at this very special and important time of life. Our experienced obstetrics Women's Care team prides itself on providing comprehensive, family-centered care.

We offer compassionate care from before you go into labor, to the day you take your newborn home. Our main priority is to make sure this wonderful moment goes as smooth as possible. 

Learn more about Obstetrics Women's Care at Medstar Harbor.


Preconception Counseling

If you are contemplating a pregnancy, preconception counseling may be an option for you. Preconception planning involves a detailed discussion with a knowledgeable provider to discuss concerns about a potential pregnancy.

At MedStar Harbor Hospital, our specialists are experienced in providing information and counseling services to couples, and we can help you move ahead with your plans to expand your family.

Learn more about preconception counseling at MedStar Harbor.


Genetic Services

Genetic counseling helps identify the risk of having a baby with birth defects, mental retardation, or an inherited disease. Genetic counseling may occur either before or during a pregnancy. The process begins with a genetic counselor reviewing the parents' family, medical and obstetric histories.

Not every couple needs genetic counseling, but those with certain risk factors may find genetic counseling and testing helpful.

Learn more about genetic counseling and risk factors to consider.


High-Risk Pregnancy

Every expectant mother hopes for a smooth pregnancy. Some women may require some extra support for certain things. At MedStar Harbor Hospital, we have high-risk pregnancy specialists who focus on prenatal evaluation and care.

Our team of specialists has performed thousands of diagnostic tests that can identify fetal chromosomal abnormalities, congenital anomalies and fetal growth abnormalities, as well as confirm a healthy baby.

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More Information

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