Our Rehabilitation Services team is here for you to help improve your quality of life through physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology services. Whether you are receiving acute rehabilitation care or our outpatient rehabilitation therapy services, our goal is to provide comprehensive, quality services so you may gain independence and function at your fullest potential.

Acute Rehabilitation Services

For patients in the hospital, acute hospital rehabilitation services, which include physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology, may be ordered by your doctor when you are having problems with standing, walking, weakness in your arms or legs, handling personal hygiene, swallowing, or communicating. 

Rehabilitation therapists will recommend if you will need continued therapy when you are discharged from the hospital. 

Outpatient Rehabilitation Services

MedStar Harbor Hospital’s Rehabilitation Services team provides comprehensive and integrated outpatient rehabilitation services for individuals that may need one or more therapy services. Our team provides care for adolescents, adults, and geriatric patients who have a wide range of conditions including orthopaedic problems, stroke and other neurological conditions, cancer, pulmonary issues, and more.    

Outpatient rehabilitation therapy services include:

Physical Therapy

  • Mobility, strengthening, endurance training, and pain management
  • Gait analysis assessment with a specialized computer program
  • Lymphedema program
  • Wound care
  • Manual therapy
  • Balance training
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation

Occupational Therapy

  • Functional mobility as it relates to daily activities, such as dressing and personal hygiene
  • Home management skills, as well as community living 
  • Upper arm and hand function and strength, including splinting
  • Training for safe use of assistive devices for daily activities
  • Visual perceptual, spatial, and memory therapy
  • Work related skills therapy

Speech Therapy

  • Swallowing function
    • May also include an assessment from the Radiology Department
  • Communication skills, including speech clarity, language comprehension, and voice quality
    • If someone cannot communicate, services may also include training for use of alternative communication devices 
  • Cognitive-communication services, including help with memory, orientation, and thinking skills
  • Fluency therapy, for those who feel their stuttering interferes with their daily life interactions
  • Aural rehabilitation therapy, for patient with hearing loss that impacts their communication skills

Additional Information

  • Referral process: We accept referrals for outpatient services from physicians, social workers, discharge planners, health care organizations, nurse liaisons, and vocational counselors. Patients also may make arrangements for services with a prescription from their primary care provider.
  • Coordination with physicians: All patients receiving evaluation and treatment must have a physician's prescription. We work in close coordination with the referring physicians to ensure the highest quality of care.

Location Information

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