Helping Patients Regain Control MedStar Harbor Hospital offers extensive inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services. Our goal is to provide comprehensive, quality services so you may gain independence and function to your fullest potential. Rehabilitation Services Sports Medicine Rehabilitation Offering Golf Performance Enhancement The Golf Enhancement Program assists athletes in achieving maximum distance, accuracy, control, and scoring potential while decreasing injury risk. After evaluation, our licensed physical therapists design individualized golf-specific physical training programs to optimize strength and efficiency. Learn More Featuring the Running Injury Clinic MedStar NRH-MedStar Harbor Hospital Sports Medicine's Running Injury Clinic combines highly skilled therapists with cutting-edge technology. Services include posture, strength, and flexibility testing, video motion analysis, personalized exercise programs, and much more. Learn More

Sports Medicine Rehabilitation

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MedStar Harbor Hospital is located conveniently in south Baltimore.

Rehabilitation Services

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