Heart Disease Prevention


The first step in managing heart conditions is preventive care. Making key lifestyle changes can lower your risk of heart problems. If you already have a heart condition, a healthy lifestyle can keep it manageable.

Patients with diabetes and high blood pressure should take extra care in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, because these conditions often lead to heart problems.

To determine your risk for heart disease, there are some questions you should ask yourself, as well as your primary care physician.

Do you know:

  • Whether you have a risk of developing heart disease?
  • What your personal risk factors are?
  • Your risk factor goals?
  • What medications will reduce your personal risk of developing heart disease?
  • The health of your arteries?

In addition to a heart risk factors you can control, there are other risk factors we can assess as we tailor your prevention plan:

  • Family history of heart disease
  • Inflammation in your body
  • Genetic factors
  • Atherosclerosis in your arteries

Heart Disease Prevention Plan

Physicians at MedStar Health are committed to helping you prevent heart disease. They will create an individualized plan for you, based on your known risk factors. They will use details from your exams, imaging procedures and conversations to create a prevention plan that may include:

  • Lifestyle changes, to help modify many of your risks. Changes may include smoking cessation, exercise, diet modifications, relaxation techniques and other proven techniques
  • Medication, to control your risk

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