Cardiac Catheterization

MedStar Harbor offers patients with cardiac conditions a thorough cardiac evaluation, including echocardiograms, stress tests, and cardiac monitoring. In our Cardiac Catheterization Lab, specialists perform procedures to diagnose heart blockages and rhythm disturbances and implant devices and administer treatments that stabilize heart function.

Cardiac catheterization is a technique used to diagnose and treat blockages of veins or arteries around the heart. The procedure involves using a slender, flexible tube inserted into the vein or artery to extend or maintain an opening to the heart. Because the procedure doesn't require surgery, recovery is faster, with less pain, and fewer complications. Patients who have an interventional treatment can usually go home the next day.

Cardiac catheterization allows MedStar Harbor cardiologists to treat certain types of heart conditions. They can:

  • Determine pressure and blood flow inside the heart
  • Collect blood samples from the heart
  • Examine heart valves and arteries
  • Identify heart abnormalities
  • Open up a clogged blood vessel
  • Open a blocked heart valve
  • Dilate obstructed arteries in the heart
  • Repair holes in a blood vessel or other types of heart defects

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