What are the Treatments for Psychosis?

Treatment for psychosis involves a comprehensive, multi-modal approach. Early diagnosis and treatment will typically yield better recovery results, which may include shorter episodes of psychosis and longer intervals in between episodes.

The longer psychosis is left untreated, the more difficult treatment can become and individuals may experience a poor response to treatment, requiring higher doses of medication or multiple medications to manage symptoms. That’s why it is important to seek treatment as soon as you notice changes in your thoughts, perceptions, or behaviors.

Treatment will typically involve both medication and therapy or counseling. Depending on an individual’s diagnosis, anti-psychotic medications may be prescribed. Treatment may also be aimed to treat symptoms related to a co-occurring condition such as bipolar disorder, depression, or substance use.

Depending on a person’s symptoms, an inpatient stay or participation in a partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient program may be recommended. These services offer more in depth, structured, and intensive treatment than an outpatient setting.

In addition, as part of a holistic recovery, a therapist or doctor may connect patients with rehabilitation treatments, mentorship programs, or vocational and career training. The goal for the individual to return to as normal of a life as possible.

Another key part of treatment is engaging and education family and caregivers. A stable support system can be instrumental in a person’s recovery, especially for teenagers and young adults. It’s important for family members to understand their loved one's illness and how they can best foster recovery. In some cases, family therapy may be recommended.

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