It takes many people to care for patients. Here is a list of people you are likely to encounter and a brief description of what they do:

Every patient has a physician in charge of their care. They may bring in specialists to offer expert advice for your loved one. For example, a cardiology specialist might be called in for someone with heart problems.

House Staff
The house staff is made up of intern and resident physicians who care for patients under the direction and responsibility of the attending physician and intensivist.

Our nursing team has specialized training and clinical skills to care for patients in the Intensive Care Unit. The nurses make frequent assessments of your loved one and work closely with the physician in developing a special plan of care for each patient. They not only help to provide, but also coordinate most aspects of patient care.

Nurse Manager
The nurse manager organizes and directs the work of the unit. They coordinate staff to assure that effective nursing services are provided and quality standards are met.

Respiratory Therapist
A respiratory therapist is a professionally trained and licensed member of the health care team who works closely with the physician and nurse to improve and maintain the patient's breathing

A physician who specializes in the care and treatment of critically ill patients.

A dietician monitors dietary needs and makes suggestions to the health care team.

Our Pastoral Care program is committed to providing spiritual and religious support services to patients and their families. You also are welcome to arrange visits from your own religious leaders. Patients and families seeking a quiet place for prayer and solace are encouraged to use the hospital's chapel located off of the hospital lobby.

Case Manager/ Social Worker
Our licensed case managers and social workers work in conjunction with the patient in internal and external settings, in order to assess, develop, implement and monitor a comprehensive plan of care. They can help determine what resources you may need and provide you with information to assist with these needs.

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