Disability Assistance

MedStar Harbor Hospital is committed to ensuring that all patients are able to enjoy full and equal access to all of our facilities, services and equipment, regardless of disability.

The following are services and accommodations available to MedStar Harbor Hospital patients and guests:

Language Interpreters

This hospital maintains a language bank of employees who speak many languages, and subscribes to Language Line, a service that provides immediate telephone access to interpreters of most languages. Talk charts also are available in English, Korean and Spanish for those who are unable to speak.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing

MedStar Harbor Hospital provides certified sign language interpreters for patients and visitors who are deaf and hard of hearing. Amplification devices also are available for the deaf and hard of hearing. Please inform your nurse if you or your visitors require the assistance of an interpreter or hearing device.

Special Needs

If you or your visitors have any special need that requires attention, please contact your nurse, and appropriate accommodations will be made when possible.

How can you obtain disability-related assistance from MedStar Harbor Hospital?

  • Inform the person scheduling your appointment at MedStar Harbor Hospital of your special needs when scheduling an inpatient or outpatient visit.
  • Remind the admissions personnel or receptionist of such need upon your arrival to MedStar Harbor Hospital for your scheduled visit.
  • Consult with your nurse, doctor or other care provider about your disability-related needs.