Important Phone Numbers for Nursing Students

The following are a list of hospital phone numbers that may be of importance to you while you work at MedStar Harbor Hospital. (NOTE: All phone numbers that begin with "410-350" can be dialed as a four-digit extension from any hospital telephone.)

  • Main hospital number: 410-350-3200
  • Nursing administration: 410-350-3219
  • Nursing scholarship/grant coordinator: 410-350-3063
  • Nursing recruitment office: 410-350-3063 or 410-350-3566
  • Nursing supervisor: 410-350-7255
  • Patient information: 410-350-2200
  • Security: 410-350-3333

If you need additional phone numbers, pick up one of our green telephone and department locator brochures at any hospital brochure rack.